Self-Priming Pumps

We offer a large selection of top performing self-priming pumps built for a variety of applications. All of our self-priming pumps for rent are designed for low maintenance and high reliability to perform on the job.


Rent Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

The line of portable self-priming pumps is made for performance, mobility, and durability. The unique sealing system and design make them among the most flexible dewatering pumps on the market. Both easy to use and maintain, these self-priming pumps require no priming before using . The unique seal system is designed to provide the optimum maintenance solution and can be easily fitted at the job site.

Rent Submersible Pumps Line

Dewatering Pumps

Rentable dewatering and drainage pumps that can handle both clean or dirty water, even with small solids with top of the line performance and ease of maintenance.

Applications: general dewatering, ground water, raw water, and construction sites

  • Water density up to 1100kg/m3
  • Top discharge design
  • Pump solids up to .5″
  • PH Values From 5 to 8
Rent Electric Slurry Pumps Drainage

Sludge Pumps

Rentable sludge pumps are designed for an extensive range of dewatering applications in tough conditions. They provide the performance, reliability for jobs that require pumping water with abrasive solids, water having mud, sludge, or light slurry.

Applications:water containing mud, sludge or light slurry, tank clean-out, trench and pond cleaning, and mining

  • Water density up to 1400kg/m3
  • Bottom discharge design
  • Pump solids up to 2″
  • PH Values from 5 to 8
Rent Slurry Sludge Pumps

Slurry Pumps

Rentable slurry pumps are designed for an extensive range of dewatering applications. They are most efficient in abrasive media with high solid content, like in quarries, mines, or dredging applications

Applications: dredging, mining, quarries, settling ponds, tailings ponds, other abrasive media with high solids content

  • Water density up to 1700kg/m3
  • Top & bottom discharge designs
  • Pump solids up to 2.5″
  • PH values from 2 to 10
  • Product:Submersible Sludge Pump
  • Ideal For: Construction Dewatering, Industrial, or Refining Applications
  • Production Range:Specific gravity of up to 1400 kg/m3
Self Priming Enclosed Rental
Rent Self Priming Slurry Pump

Submersible sludge and slurry pumps are built to handle thick, soft, wet mud or other similarly viscous mixtures of liquids and solids, especially the product of an industrial or refining process. Our rentable electric submersible pumps and accessories are designed for an extensive range of dewatering applications, across multiple industries. They provide the performance, reliability, and ease of use you need. Our submersible solids pump lines feature a built-in starter and motor protection system along with optional automatic level control. Adjustable wear-resistant rubber diffusers and hardened high-chrome impellers ensure durability in tough environments.

Top Applications

  • Ground Water Removal
  • Excavation Dewatering
  • Open Pit Dewatering & Drainage
  • Process Water Supply
  • Storm Water / Flood Control
  • Mining Operations

Up to 40% lighter in weight

All models in this range of submersible dewatering pumps have outstanding power to weight ratios. Thanks to the lightweight and compact design the pumps are easy to move around and handle.

High wear resistance

High-chrome (55 HRC) impellers provide higher wear resistance

Ease of maintenance

Our unique sealing system makes it possible to carry out maintenance on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Export Self Priming pumps rental?
For the most accurate information on exporting equipment, please call (619) 541-6220 or email

What is a self-priming pump, and how does it work?
A self-priming pump is designed to evacuate air from the suction line. Once initially primed, the pump can re-prime itself even with air within the system. They are instrumental in applications where the water source is inconsistent, and air gaps can occur, making them suitable for environmental, construction, and industrial dewatering.

What types of self-priming pumps are available for rent?
The company offers a diverse range of self-priming pumps that are portable, easy to maintain, and versatile in their applications. From general dewatering to stormwater management and more, our pumps are recognized for their performance and reliability in diverse conditions.

Dewatering Pumps


Slurry Pumps


Sludge Pumps


Self-priming Pumps


No Project Too Big Or Too Small


Rent the toughest solids-handling slurry pumps on the market.

Applications include:

  • Dredging
  • Marine Construction
  • Dewatering and Construction
  • Slurry/Sludge Transfer
  • Mine Tailings Removal
  • Drill Cuttings Transfer

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