Heavy Construction & Dewatering

Dewatering refers to the act of removing or displacing groundwater or surface water from a work site. Dewatering is most common in construction sites and mining operations.
Dredging / Marine Construction

Dredging / Marine Construction

High-quality non clog dredge pumps built for handling abrasive solids.

Non Clog Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering refers to the act of removing or displacing groundwater or surface water from a work site. Primarily, pumps and evaporation techniques are used for the dewatering process which is usually performed before excavation for footings or to lower the water table that may cause issues during subsequent excavations.

In most cases, dewatering from open trenches or excavation can be done a variety of different ways. The most simple method uses the omnipresent power of gravity. By creating drainage channels, water is carried away from the work site to the discharge point. Channels used for dewatering are usually protected with ditch linings to ensure the (sometimes contaminated) water does not seep into the ground soil.

Self-Priming Pumps for Dewatering


Common Pump Issues in Dewatering

There are many problems, both environmental and mechanical, that can affect dredge pumps and equipment. The main challenges with industrial dredging are:

  • Dewatering pump or discharge hose becomes clogged with debris
  • The abrasive nature of dewatering quickly wears down the metal pump and internals leading to failures
  • More maintenance, which can shut down the operation
  • Environmental concerns

Self Priming Pumps are excellent choices for dewatering pump solutions because they can provide some advantages over a standard pump. Self-priming pumps have the ability to keep the pump primed in instances where the pump cannot be submerged, saving time and potential damage to the pump. Additionally, self-priming pumps are trailer mounted, allowing for enhanced mobility for faster production rates. Our heavy-duty rentable self-priming pump is designed for heavy-duty applications equipped with a non-clogging slurry pump and high reliability which will result in constant flow and no maintenance.

Some of the other common dewatering techniques involve submersible dewatering pumps, siphoning, or using large machinery buckets to catch the water and dump off-site. These techniques are performed when the water that needs to be removed is below the designated discharge area.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of dewatering equipment do you offer for rent?
We offer a variety of dewatering equipment, including submersible pumps, self-priming pumps, sludge pumps, and non-clog slurry pumps. Each type is suited for different dewatering needs and site conditions.

What are the primary applications of dewatering in heavy construction?
Dewatering is essential for removing groundwater or surface water from construction sites, excavations, tunnels, and trenches to create dry and stable working conditions.

How do self-priming pumps benefit dewatering projects?
Self-priming pumps are advantageous because they can prime themselves without manual intervention. This feature reduces downtime and makes them ideal for applications where the pump cannot be submerged.

What are common challenges faced in construction dewatering?
Challenges include pump clogging with debris, rapid wear due to abrasive materials, frequent maintenance needs, and environmental concerns regarding water discharge.

How do you ensure the reliability of your dewatering pumps?
Our pumps are designed for durability and efficiency, with features like non-clogging mechanisms and high-quality materials to withstand harsh conditions. Regular maintenance and support are also provided to ensure optimal performance.

What environmental considerations are associated with dewatering?
Proper water discharge management is crucial to prevent contamination of surrounding soil and water bodies. Our equipment includes features to handle and treat potentially contaminated water.

How do I choose the right dewatering equipment for my project?
Our experts can assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment based on factors such as the volume of water, the type of material to be pumped, and specific site conditions.

Can your pumps handle abrasive and corrosive materials?
Our pumps are built to handle abrasive and corrosive materials commonly found in construction and mining sites, ensuring long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance.

How do I get a rental quote or more information?
To request a rental quote or more information, contact our rental team via phone, email, or by filling out the contact form on our website. We will provide detailed assistance and a quote tailored to your project needs.

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Construction dewatering and tunneling projects
Mine Dewatering

Mine Dewatering

Keep water levels managed without clogs.
Mine Tailings

Mine Tailings

Pump mine tailings directly into trucks, saving time and money.


High-solids handling pumps that are designed for dredging.

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