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View our selection of self-priming pumps and dredging equipment to handle a variety of dredging, mining, and dewatering jobs.

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Construction dewatering and tunneling projects
Mine Dewatering

Mine Dewatering

Keep water levels managed without clogs.
Mine Tailings

Mine Tailings

Pump mine tailings directly into trucks, saving time and money.


High-solids handling pumps that are designed for dredging.

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Rent Dewatering Pumps and Self Priming Pumps

Self-Priming Water Pumps
Self-Priming Slurry Pumps

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Clogging is a common problem when using traditional centrifugal pumps for pumping solids-laden slurries and one of the reasons that the pumps we offer excel at slurry pumping. Our pumps have a higher than normal tolerance for material size, with a capacity to handle sizes as large as 11 inches in diameter.
One of the largest, failure causing issues in the pumping world is the ability or inability to handle solids. Large solids are found in most, if not all pumping applications. The ability to handle these solids, in the form of trash, debris, and rocks, is one of the most crucial variables to look for when determining the proper pump for your solids handling pump application.

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High Solids Pumping Equipment For Over 30 Years

Heavy-duty pumps capable of handling solids of up to 70%. With production rates of up to 600 Cu. yd. per hour, we can match you with the most efficient pump for your job.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small


Rent the toughest solids-handling slurry pumps on the market.

Applications include:

  • Dredging
  • Marine Construction
  • Dewatering and Construction
  • Slurry/Sludge Transfer
  • Mine Tailings Removal
  • Drill Cuttings Transfer

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