Dredge Sled

The Dredge Sled is a cost-effective dredging solution for your pond, lagoon, canal, tailings pond, and settling tank cleaning and desludging. The Dredge Sled lagoon dredge is a submersible dredge highly optimized for dredging ponds, lakes, canals, and other bodies of water by gently sliding along the floor to pump highly viscous or abrasive sludge, mud, and sand.
DAE Pumps Silt-Bot

Silt-Bot 4-Inch Electric Mini Dredge – Heavy-Duty

The DAE Pumps Silt-Bot 4-Inch Mini Pontoon Dredge is a portable, robust, and smaller version of dredge that is capable of dredging areas that large dredging operations cannot access. Capable of pumping up to 1,200 GPM, the 4-inch pump operates at 1800 RPM and can pass solids up to 3-inches while moving up to 70% of materials.

DAE Pumps Silt-Bot

Silt-Bot 4-Inch Electric Mini Dredge – Medium-Duty

The DAE Pumps Silt-Bot 4-Inch Mini Pontoon Dredge is a portable, robust, and smaller version dredge that is capable of dredging areas that the large dredging operations cannot access. Capable of pumping up to 792 GPM, the 4-inch pump operates at 1200 RPM and can pass solids up to 1.5-inches while moving up to 30% materials.

DAE Pumps Silt-Bot

Silt-Bot 6-Inch Electric Mini Dredge – Medium-Duty

The DAE Pumps Silt-Bot 6-Inch Mini Pontoon Dredge is a portable, robust, and smaller version dredge that is capable of dredging areas that the large dredging operations cannot access. Capable of pumping up to 2112 GPM, the 6-inch pump operates at 1200 RPM and can pass solids up to 1.5-inches while moving up to 30% materials.

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The Dredge Sled has been deployed across remote mining sites in Australia for over 15 years to combat mine tailings. This rugged yet simple design uses commonly accessible parts to ensure maximum uptime and easy repairs. The main components include a diesel-electric power station, floating barge attached to shore by a cable and winch system. The slurry pump is gently lowered into the lagoon via vertical risers and stabilized with a sled to begin dredging.

Optional high-pressure water jetting rings are available for assisting in the breakup of consolidated material.

Dredge Sled Pond Dredging
Dredge Sled Side

System Components

  • Unmanned Lagoon Dredge
  • Easy to setup float system
  • Shore based winchs
  • Mobile Container houses entire system
  • 4-inch or 6-inch slurry pump options (More coming)

The Dredge Sled is built for efficiently removing sediment from narrow bodies of water, lagoons, lakes, or settling ponds. This dredge system is also commonly used for desludging projects such as digester or settling tank cleanouts. The Dredge Sled System is most often used to dredge bodies of water containing 20,000 square meters or less. The dredge pump can also be equipped with an optional high pressure water jetting ring to help break up consolidated material, allowing you to pump more solids.

The equipment is ideal for dredging lagoon sizes of 330 ft (100m) squared to 660 ft (200m) squared. Roughly 1.5 to 4 acres and up to about 16 feet (5m) deep. 5,000 to 20,000 Cy3 of material. Dimensions are rough guidance, call with questions.

Dredge Sled Overview

  • Electric powered pump – Never worry about oil, fuel, or hydraulic fluid spills
  • Hydraulic powered pump options also available
  • Low turbidity – low suspension of solids, reduce ecologocial damage
  • Rugged, simple design – ensures maximum uptime and easy maintenance
  • Quiet – Quiet operation to reduce noise pollution
  • Easily transported – Unit fits in a 20ft closed container
  • User friendly – able to be operated by person who rents equipment, 1 manned operator
  • No Downtime – Ponds can remain operational while unit is deployed
  • Liner-safe – Submersible gliding dredge which lacks a cutterhead greatly helps to protect poly/clay liners from damage
  • Automation – Unit can be operated autonomously using a rail system

Ideal Pond Sizes

All pond or lagoon shapes and sizes can be accommodated. The following are typical pond sizes for the 4 inch and 6 inch EDDY Pump Dredge Sled. Call with questions.

  • Minimum depth varies depending on size, between 24-38 inches is needed
  • Dredge 16-18 deet deep (5m)
  • Ideal for 5,000 Cy3 to 20,000 Cy3 sized ponds
  • Maximum area ranges between 330 ft (100m) squared to 660 ft (200m) squared
  • Made for lagoons roughly 1.5 to 4 acres in size
  • Requires open bodies of water with two anchor points accessible on each side of the dredging area

Dredge Sled Components

  • Dredge pump and sled with pontoons
  • Suction head with winches system
  • Electrical control panel
  • Main pump power cable, 311 feet (95 meters)
  • Handheld remote depth control
  • Battery 12V HD with solar power charging system
  • Cable and hose floats
  • Ropes, pulleys and shore anchoring system
  • Hydraulic Systems Include the HPU
  • Electric Powered Systems VFD priced separate
Dredge Sled Lagoon Dredging
Product:Dredge Sled
Ideal For: Dredging, Automated Dredging, Submersible Pump.
Production Range: Between 75-300 Cu. yd of material per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dredge sled?
A dredge sled, also known as a sediment removal sled or a sediment trap, is a specialized tool used for sediment removal and dredging operations in bodies of water. It is typically deployed from the surface and dragged along the bottom, effectively collecting and containing sediment and debris for removal.

How does a dredge sled work?
A dredge sled is attached to a vessel or other floating platform and lowered into the water. The vessel then drags it along the bottom, collecting sediment, silt, and debris as it moves. The dredged material is trapped inside the sled, which can then be lifted to the surface and emptied for disposal.

What types of projects can a dredge sled be used for?
Dredge sleds are versatile tools suitable for various projects, including:

  • Environmental remediation: Removing contaminated sediment from water bodies.
  • Dredging of navigation channels, harbors, and marinas.
  • Maintenance dredging to restore water depth and improve water quality.
  • Sediment control in construction sites, stormwater ponds, and industrial lagoons.

What are the advantages of using a dredge sled?
Some key advantages of using a dredge sled include the following:

  • Efficiency: Can cover large areas quickly, making them ideal for large-scale dredging projects.
  • Versatility: Suitable for many water bodies, including shallow or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Eliminates the need for expensive dredging equipment and infrastructure.
  • Environmental benefits: Minimizes disruption to aquatic ecosystems compared to traditional dredging methods.

What size dredge sled is suitable for my project?
The size of the dredge sled required depends on factors such as the volume of sediment to be removed, the depth and size of the dredging area, and the towing capacity of the vessel or platform. Our team can help you select the appropriate dredge sled size based on your project requirements.

How do I select the right dredge sled for my project?
Choosing the right dredge sled involves considering factors such as the type of sediment to be removed, the depth and accessibility of the dredging site, and any specific project requirements. Our experienced team can assist you in selecting the most suitable dredge sled for your application.

Is training provided for operating a dredge sled?
Yes, we offer comprehensive training for operators on the safe and efficient use of dredge sleds. Our training programs cover equipment operation, deployment procedures, and best practices for dredging operations to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment and maximize productivity.

How can I rent a dredge sled?
Renting a dredge sled is simple! Contact us via phone or email to discuss your project requirements and rental needs. Our experienced team will assist you in selecting the right equipment and arrange delivery to your project site. We offer flexible rental terms to suit your schedule and budget.

Can I purchase a dredge sled instead of renting?
Yes, we offer both rental and purchase options for dredge sleds. Whether you require short-term rental for a specific project or prefer to own your equipment outright, we can accommodate your needs. Contact us to discuss the available purchasing options.

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Applications include:

  • Dredging
  • Marine Construction
  • Dewatering and Construction
  • Slurry/Sludge Transfer
  • Mine Tailings Removal
  • Drill Cuttings Transfer

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