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Welcome to Pump and Dredge Rentals, the ultimate destination for heavy-duty industrial equipment rental. Whether you’re managing a challenging dredging project, handling sludge disposal, or needing reliable dewatering solutions, we have the equipment to meet your needs. Our fleet includes sludge pumps, dredge pumps, dewatering pumps, self-priming pumps and other essential dredging equipment to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Equipment Rental Selection

Dredging Equipment for Rent

Our extensive collection of dredging equipment is engineered for high-solids production and durability, ensuring your dredging operations are efficient and effective. Our offerings include:

Enhance large-scale dredging with our attachments, optimizing reach and efficiency for indispensable excavator capabilities in extensive dredging tasks.

Easy to deploy and efficient in sediment removal, our dredge sleds are built to last. They are ideal for quick and effective dredging in a variety of environments.


Self-priming and mobile pumps are perfect for demanding slurry handling tasks. Their mobility and robust design make them suitable for various applications.

Ideal for accurate dredging in diverse environments, these pumps prioritize durability, high performance, precision, and reliability, perfect for targeted operations.

These pumps are designed for flexibility and efficiency in underwater dredging tasks. Easy to operate by divers, they provide versatility and convenience for underwater projects.

Pump Equipment for Rent

In addition to our dredging equipment, we provide a comprehensive range of pumps for various applications, including:


Dewatering Pumps

These are essential for construction sites, mining operations, and other projects that require efficient water removal. Our dewatering pump rental services ensure that your sites remain dry and operational.


Slurry Pumps

These pumps are built to handle abrasive slurries with high solids content and ensure maximum productivity. They are designed for heavy-duty applications and provide reliable performance in challenging conditions.


Sludge Pumps

Our sludge pumps for rent are perfect for heavy-duty applications, including waste treatment and industrial processes. These pumps are capable of handling the most challenging sludge removal tasks.


Self-Priming Water Pumps

These pumps offer easy setup and reliable operation, making them ideal for various applications. Their self-priming feature ensures quick and hassle-free operation.

PumpandDredgeRentals.com is the exclusive Rental Center of the Eddy Pump and DAE Dredge Equipment

Rent Pump and Dredging Equipment for the Toughest Applications

Our equipment is trusted across a wide range of industries, including:



Our dredge pumps for rent are designed for efficiency and reliability in dredging projects, ranging from canals to mining tailings. They are essential for maintaining waterways and removing sediments.


Mining Tailings & Waste

Our pumps are a key component in mining operations. They are essential for handling tailings and waste and ensure efficient waste management and slurry handling in mining sites.

Pumps and Dredge Rentals

Lagoons & Canals

We offer specialized equipment for maintaining and cleaning lagoons. Our dredging solutions ensure that lagoons remain functional and free from sediment buildup.


Construction & Dewatering

Keep your construction site dry and operational with our dewatering pump rental services. Our pumps are vital for managing water accumulation in construction areas.

Lease Our Equipment for Diverse Dredging Needs

We are committed to providing equipment that excels in the most demanding environments. Here’s why you should choose us for your equipment rental needs:

High Solids Pumping Construction Icon

High Solids Pumping Capability

Our pumps can handle up to 70% solids, ensuring efficiency even in the harshest conditions. This high capacity makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Low Maintenance Construction Icon

Low Maintenance

Designed for durability, our equipment requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on your project. Our robust designs minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Modular Design Construction Icon

Modular Design

Our units feature modular designs, offering versatility and adaptability for various applications. This flexibility allows for easy customization to meet specific project needs.

Flexible Rental Terms Construction Icon

Flexible Rental Terms

We offer short-term and long-term rentals to fit your project timeline and budget. Our flexible terms ensure you have the necessary equipment for as long as needed.

Low Downtime Construction Icon

Low Downtime

Maximize efficiency with our varied dredging equipment rentals, tailored to diverse needs. Ensure minimal downtime and optimal project productivity.
Non-Clog Designs Construction Icon

Non-Clog Designs

Our pumps can handle large objects up to 11 inches in diameter, reducing downtime due to clogs. This feature ensures continuous operation and minimizes interruptions.

Expert Support and Consultation

At Pump and Dredge Rentals, we understand that every project has unique needs. Our team of experts is here to assist you in selecting the right equipment for your specific requirements. We offer comprehensive support, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring your project stays on track. Our knowledgeable staff provides guidance and answers any questions about our equipment and services.

Experience the Pump and Dredge Rentals Advantage

Choosing Pump and Dredge Rentals means choosing quality, reliability, and superior performance. Our top-of-the-line dredging and pumping equipment is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding projects. Whether you need to rent dredging equipment, dewatering pumps, or specialized sludge pumps, we are your go-to source for heavy-duty industrial equipment rental. Enhance your project’s efficiency and reliability with our exceptional rental solutions today.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small


Rent the toughest solids-handling slurry pumps on the market.

Applications include:

  • Dredging
  • Marine Construction
  • Dewatering and Construction
  • Slurry/Sludge Transfer
  • Mine Tailings Removal
  • Drill Cuttings Transfer

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