Mining – Tailings and Dewatering

The mining industry utilizes a wide range of solids handling pumps to assist in moving slurries, mine tailings, and heavy liquids from one part of the mine to another. Learn what makes our equipment optimal for mining applications.
Mine Tailings Removal

Mine Tailings Removal

High-quality nonclog slurry and mining pumps built for handling abrasive solids.

Mining Slurry Pumps for Tailings Processing

Mining incorporates various pumps in many applications to move slurries and liquids from one part of the mine to another. Conventional centrifugal pumps quickly degrade and lose their tolerances and suction capabilities. On the other hand, positive displacement pumps are costly to maintain and have limited pumping capabilities.

Some of the main pumping issues in the Mine industry are lined and unlined tailings ponds, underground slurry and dewatering pumping, sumps, process pumps, and pumping the target mineral-heavy material.

Tailings ponds are a necessary feature of all mining operations to store the residual byproduct of mineral extraction. If the ponds hit capacity, new tailings ponds need to be built or old tailings ponds need to be cleaned out. The tailings often have very low or high pH which causes a lot of difficulty for centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. The acidic and alkaline tailings wear out the impellers on centrifugal pumps which cause the pumps to lose tolerance and hence suction capabilities. The same occurs with positive displacement pumps and both lead to costly downtime and expensive spare parts. The same wearing of parts also occurs due to the abrasive nature of the tailings slurry.

For tailings ponds that are designed with plastic liners, a more surgical approach needs to be taken for sediment removal. Conventional dredging equipment used to remove the tailings cannot be used in this situation because of the damage that it could potentially cause to the liner. We offer pump and dredge equipment that is liner-safe and will not harm or disturb the liner.

Sumps in the mining industry collect lots of residual mining material, debris, and liquids. These sumps pose a constant problem to keep them cleaned out so that production can continue. The material that accumulates in the sumps causes constant problems for sumps pumps. Debris constantly clogs centrifugal sump pumps and the abrasive and corrosive slurries destroy the impellers and cause constant pump part replacement.

Our pumps, on the other hand, can be deployed in various pump configurations to cleanout mining sumps without causing significant downtime and costly repairs. Many of our products can be deployed electrically or hydraulically and either submersible or self-priming, depending on the situation.


In Underground Mining operations, the process of dewatering and pumping slurries is a fundamental component of a successful mining operation. There is little space to maneuver and deploy heavy and complicated pumping systems. Conventional centrifugal pumps will work okay for moving water, but when any slurry gets in the pump, it causes blockages and pump failures Moving slurries and material is fundamental in mining operations. Therefore, there are hundreds if not thousands of Process Pumps and conveyors in a mining operation. The corrosive and abrasive pumping of mine slurry causes many issues for centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

Sometimes it is best to use a Dredge Mining Pump the target mineral-rich material directly to the separation equipment. The higher the percentage of solids that you can do in this process saves a significant amount of time and money to treat the water. The target material is often very consolidated and abrasive and causes many issues for centrifugal pumps. Our selection of industrial pumps are designed to optimize your solids content for ease of mining.

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Construction dewatering and tunneling projects
Mine Dewatering

Mine Dewatering

Keep water levels managed without clogs.
Mine Tailings

Mine Tailings

Pump mine tailings directly into trucks, saving time and money.


High-solids handling pumps that are designed for dredging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mining equipment do you offer for rent?
We offer a range of mining equipment, including high-quality non-clog slurry pumps, dewatering pumps, sludge pumps, and excavator dredge attachments. Our equipment is designed to handle abrasive solids efficiently in mining applications.

What mining processes benefit from your equipment?
Our equipment is ideal for handling tailings ponds, underground slurry, dewatering pumping, sumps, and process pumping. It is specifically built to manage the abrasive and corrosive nature of mining slurry.

What are tailings ponds, and how do your pumps help?
Tailings ponds store the residual byproduct of mineral extraction. Our pumps efficiently manage these ponds’ abrasive and corrosive materials, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

How do you address the challenges of mining sumps?
Mining sumps collect residual mining material and liquids, posing constant maintenance challenges. Our pumps can be deployed in various configurations to clean out sumps without significant downtime or costly repairs.

What makes your pumps suitable for underground mining?
Our pumps are designed for the confined spaces of underground mining operations. They efficiently handle water and slurry without frequent blockages or failures.

How do I choose the right equipment for my mining project?
Our experts can help you select the best equipment based on your specific needs, the material to be pumped, and the mining environment.

How do I get a rental quote or more information?
To request a rental quote or more information, contact our rental fulfillment team by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form on our website. We’ll assist you in selecting the right equipment and provide a detailed quote for your project.

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Applications include:

  • Dredging
  • Marine Construction
  • Dewatering and Construction
  • Slurry/Sludge Transfer
  • Mine Tailings Removal
  • Drill Cuttings Transfer

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